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I love seeing my paintings in their new homes, it's nice to see the paintings hanging in an environment that is not my studio (that being covered in paint and all four walls filled with paintings drying!) Below are a selection of paintings in their new homes, a massive thank you to those people who have sent through the photos of them insitu... they look great! If you have one of my paintings I would love to see it hanging in it's new home, so please email me through a photo and I'll get it on this page! Email it to srquick 'at' thanks and enjoy the photos, just click on the images to enlarge them.

Sali Mustafic - Robert Banana Plant
Kelly Homewood - MCR, Patton, Buckley
Claire & Iain Gifford - Jared Leto 1 & 2, Underworld
Lucy Birch - Kate Moss, Fairy
Clive Birch - His Girls
Robert Quick - Tegan, Kids
Chris Spear - Spider-Man Kiss
Mandy Quick - Steve, Lia & Laura
Laura Quick - Twiggy
Val Jones - The Girls
White House Devon - I-Hepburn
Caroline Murray - Banana Sundance, Love War, ATAT
big barn artwork
Bug Barn artBig barn painting
Big Barn Slapton painting
Carliones - Banana Bond
Joe McCollum - Banana Bomber
Jtan Styla - Squall
Sue Stevenson - The Beatles
Emmanuel Heurtier - Xena
Thomas Dauxerre - Dave Grohl
Nicole Harrison - Brandi Carlile
Sabrina Abel - Rinoa Squall & Rinoa
Tim Strange - Bergkamp
Barry Horwitz - Jon Bon Jovi
Dickie Hasler - Dickie
Kim Ford - Brandon Flowers
Matthew & Joe Mustafic - Divi Divi Tree
Karla Bastyan - Karla Prints
Byron Zelasek - Scarface II Joker
Wendy Cairoli - Imaginarium
Ismet Mustafic - Chick Corea I-Donald Fagen
Boris Greffe - Han Banana Solo
Paul & Kate Richards - Paul & Kate
Tony & Caroline Quick - Derby Dog
Sam Martin - Sam & Joe, Jeff Buckley
Sean Rhodes - Mike Patton
Lester Brooks Wakley - PT Cruiser
Fred & Kristie Rath - Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora
Sam Fruen - Dr Who Sam
Gemma Lowe - Twilight, Moon, Eclipse, Breaking, Bree
Huw Knox - John Frusciante
Eileen Pulman - Kid Z
Julia Charles - Phil & Julia
Carole Tavernier - Jared Leto Framed Print

Wayne Mitchell - Banana Pulp Fiction
Malinda Skerrett - Thomas Sorensen
Brian Welch - Marco Simoncelli
Owen Woodley - Brigitte Bardot
John Nilsson - Boondock Saints
Chris Audet - Mustang
Mustang painting
April & Dave Brodie - The Battle Of L'Amour
april brodie
Tscc painting
Tscc painting
Tscc painting
Tania Ilic - Mike Patton Only You - Caitlin Gifford - Rihanna
Sheila Corrigan - Brigitte Bardot V2
mike patton painting
Bardot painting




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