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 Twilight Book painting



Original Pop Art painting based on the front cover of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight book, which as you may know was turned into a little film! The painting in black and greys has the apple picked out in pop art red.

You can also see the painting along side the other paintings based on the other books in the series, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

This is a real original painting; it is not a print of any kind digital or otherwise.

The painting is in high-grade acrylic paint varnished with a matt spray varnish, on a pure cotton box canvas. The canvas measures 30 inches x 20 inches on a box canvas of 0.5 inches deep, the sides of the canvas are painted with a wrap around effect, no nails or staples and ready to hang.

Buy Original Painting

30" x 20" x 0.5"
£250 *commission





For all other canvas sizes, variations or any other questions please email.
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