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"Hi, I'm

Stephen Quick and I'm an artist

(whatever that means). I've been full time since 06ish, since leaving university, and as you may know when you leave university the main question is 'WHAT the eff do I do now?' So I do this…I guess I'm a pop artist who loves pop culture and I hope my work reflects this passion.
I got my 'breakthrough' when I started filming my self showing off for youtube and the rest is Splintered Studios history (too dramatic!)
I have painted hundreds of paintings for many people all around the world from England to Australia…every single painting has been a pleasure and the fact that you guys let me paint for you is still pretty amazing! ….Umm I love Joss Whedon, Stanley Kubrick and have a constant battle in my head about whether I would want to be Spider-Man or Wolverine if I became a super hero.
Well thanks for visiting my site and I hope I can paint for you soon …. Steve xxx"

My art mainly represents contemporary culture via pop art; I embrace our materialistic nature, which often defines who we are.
Throughout my art career I have had a fascination with what makes an icon, a celebrity, a hero, and if these people even have to be real. Contemporary cultural figures represent an ideal, a hope and a want, they teach us something, be it Buffy the Vampire Slayer, redefining the status of the feminist in today's society, or Spider-man, "with great power must come great responsibility".
By embracing and recognizing and sometimes admitting that these figures influence us, we therefore become a part of what they stand for.
My paintings in their very essence are post modern, they are not at all about themselves, but about the world outside the "Art world", they change meaning and worth depending on who views them. I overtly borrow techniques and styles from the history of art, openly admitting and showing off these influences instead of covering them up with values of the "Original". I believe in art, as everything else in the world, the only way you know where something is going is if you know where it has been.


Stephen Quick born in Honiton and trained in Bristol. Since leaving university he has set up the art and film studio "Splintered Studios" which has been based in Honiton, Teignmouth and now back in Bristol.
He is an internationally collected artist with collectors all around Europe and America and as far a field as Australia and Japan. High profile projects have included his artwork for the stage production of Mojo Mickeybo on London's West End.
His film "In the Key of Water" was used to highlight water shortage at The National Association of Landscape Architects in Bergan, Norway. Articles on his art and art theory have featured in various local magazines including Devon Life, Plymouth Life, Home and Garden and Exeter Flying post.
His speed painting videos have featured on Sky's Oops TV, and the web sites of the BBC, Adam and Joe, GameSpot UK and 30 Seconds To Mars. These videos have brought him massive exposure and a wide fan base; they have attracted over 500,000 views on YouTube, to whom he is now a partner with.

"We live in a world where everything including our dreams are dictated by the media and the celebrities. With my pop art I embrace the materialistic nature of our heroes and icons, who we idolize and sometimes even define"

Pop Up Exhibition – TAAG – Teignmouth
Stephen Quick Collection – The Grove Honiton
Cow – Rumours – Totnes
Cow@- The Bowie Gallery – Totnes
Six Days Of Art Launch – The Rill - Buckfastleigh
Six Days Of Art - Brookfield – Teignmouth
Tesco's Barnstaple– The Art Store Gallery – Barnstaple
Stephen Quick Collection – The Art Store Gallery – Barnstaple.
Stephen Quick Collection – The Rill - Buckfastleigh

Jess & Others – Blue Indigo – Teignmouth
Stephen Quick Collection – The Rill - Buckfastleigh
Christmas Fayre – TAAG – Teignmouth
The Mayors Autum Show – The Art Store Gallery – Barnstaple
Stephen Quick Solo – Paragon – Exeter
Stephen Quick Collection – The Grove – Honiton
Stephen Quick Splatters – Boston Tea Party – Honiton
Stephen Quick Collection – The Art Store Gallery – Barnstaple

Stephen Quick Solo – The Flavel - Dartmouth
Stop Falcon@ - The Bowie Gallery – Totnes
Stephen Quick Collection – The Grove – Hontion
Stephen Quick Collection – The Art Store gallery – Barnstaple
Juxtaposition – Makerness Hall – Honiton
#53 – The Bowie Gallery – Totnes
Stephen Quick@ - Rumours – Totnes
Stephen Quick Solo – Flavel – Dartmouth
Regatta Art Exhibition– Flavel – Datmouth
Stephen Quick Collection – The Art Store Gallery – Barnstaple

National Association of Landscape – Bergan – Norway
Love War Window – Honiton Toy Shop – Honiton
Stephen Quick Solo – Rumours – Totnes
Finalist In Open Exhibition – Thelma Hulbert – Honiton
Stephen Quick Solo 'The Bananas' – The Cube – Bristol
AFF – Flavel – Dartmouth
Eye Candy – Bird House – Totnes
Stephen Quick Collection - The Art Store Gallery - Barnstaple

Gallery 22 – Gallery 22 – Ashburton
Stephen Quick Collection – The Art Store Gallery – Barnstaple
Regatta Exhibition– The Flavel – Dartmouth
Stephen Quick Solo - Rumours - Totnes

I can't remember this far back, I blame the paint fumes.

1997 – GCSE Fine Art (Top 5% in the country)
1999 – A' Level Art, Honiton Community College
1999 – A' Level Design, Honiton Community College
2000 – Btec National Diploma in Art and Design, Exeter College
2004 – BA Hons Degree Fine Art, University of the West of England, Bristol

Stephen Quick
stephen quick
stephen quick


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